DECON SOLUTIONS offers custom design and consulting solutions in different areas of product and concept development. Our main ambition is to create the most effective solutions for our client’s requests, no matter what they are looking for - inspiration, innovation or development. Our team of international experts and designers are always happy to face new challenges and turn them into the best possible results. DECON SOLUTIONS client’s driven, flexible and open-minded firm personality is reflected in the quality of our work. We create consumer perceptions that meet our client’s expectations and lead to original and innovative products and concepts.



We see every idea as a seed that deserves to be taken care of, so it can grow and develop in order to turn into an innovation, new opportunities or just a cool project. Our team is an international network of professionals, we are experienced in what we do and we believe that there is always space for better solutions. We all individually bring different fields of expertise, different cultural and professional backgrounds and a lot of ambition for fresh thinking. All our skills combined, give us the opportunity to see and perceive the world more objectively and therefore be able to look beyond today and be part of creating the future of tomorrow.



As an innovation and improvement orientated company, we are always looking for the optimum solutions, in both building and recruiting teams of professionals, as well as creating custom designed products and concepts for our clients, no matter in what field of design.